14-16 Courses

Whether you are making choices about your GCSEs, 6th Form and college courses or deciding what to do once you have left full-time education, Total People offers a wide range of training programmes designed to help young people become qualified with nationally recognised work-based qualifications.

Prospects Plus

If you don’t feel that the school curriculum is meeting your needs, it may be that you need an alternative.

Prospects Plus is a programme that provides, in partnership with your school, long-term work experience placements with training – a great chance to get a taste of a job and see what skills you’re going to need for the world of work.

A work placement is your opportunity to spend a period of time outside of the classroom. You’ll be regarded as a member of staff and learn all about a particular job or area of work.

Work placements provide a totally different atmosphere. You’ll learn new practical skills and will be treated like an adult. You’ll do the same hours as other people and will be accepted as one of the team.

Total People, in partnership with your school, will usually organise the work placement for you. But you need to be involved in deciding what sort of placement you’d like, and what you’d like to achieve during your time there.

Think about the things that really interest you and the sort of career you’d like in the future. If you want some extra advice, just talk to one of our team.

When you’re on placement, you’ll need to make the most of the experience. You’ll be given a mentor or supervisor who’ll be on hand to answer any questions. Your Total People Adviser will also support you throughout.

It’s probably best if you keep a record of your placement, writing down what you’ve done and any comments you’d like to make.

You should remember to act professionally at all times and treat other people like adults too.

The placement can give you improved self confidence, self-esteem, and make you feel far more in control of your own life.