Employing an Apprentice

Employing an Apprentice is just like employing any other member of staff; they only become an Apprentice once they have signed up onto an Apprenticeship programme with a Training Provider like Total People.

In order to comply with Apprenticeship requirements, all employers must guarantee the following when employing an apprentice:

  • They should be employed for 30 hours per week and have a contract of employment
  • You must provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • You are required to release the Apprentice for their training (as required by their training plan)

Advertising for an Apprentice

Methods of advertising and interviewing for an apprentice is entirely up to you, ensuring you get the right person for your organisation.

We offer a free recruitment service for any company that looking to use Total People as their training provider. This service includes the following:

  • Advertisement on the Total People website
  • Advertisement on the National Apprenticeships Service website
  • Promotion via Social Media and other Total People marketing platforms

In order for Total People to complete the Apprenticeship process and to be able to advertise your vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Service and Total People websites, we would need the following information:

  • Company name and address
  • Provide a copy of full job description/including at least 5 bullet points of day to day duties to be carried out by the Apprentice
  • Hours per week (minimum 30hrs – England, 16hrs – Wales)
  • Apprentice weekly wage (minimum £ 3.50 per hour)
  • Current number of employees within the company
  • Your contact details

Prior to your vacancy going live, you may receive contact from the Skills Funding Agency (known as Blue Sheep) to verify your company details.

Advertise Your Vacancy

Optional recruitment service

A complimentary recruitment service is available to help you find the right person for your vacancy. Our Recruitment & Engagement Officers can filter applications according to your personal specification, put forward potential candidates and assist with arranging interviews.

Maximising your vacancy’s exposure

  • We will actively market your vacancy through bespoke e-shots to our large database of potential candidates and via social media channels
  • Our marketing team will email you to request your company logo (if applicable) for promotional activity and can provide you with a personalised graphic for your website which can link directly to the apprenticeship advert

What happens next?

If you successfully recruit, you will receive contact from a sector-specific training adviser who will discuss the qualification in more detail and will provide regular support to you and your apprentice.