Animal Care

Animal Care Assistant Apprentice

With PET Concierge
Working in Ellesmere Port (view map)
Intermediate Level Apprenticeship
Paying £117.00 per week
20 months duration

About the apprenticeship

Pet Concierge are looking for an Animal Care Assistant Apprentice.

Duties include-

  • Understand method and practical basic Animal First Aid to include administer first aid and medicine
  • Understand KC breed and behaviours
  • Understand and agree to Animal legislation and code of practice, to include ID
  • Understand insurance and relevant licence regulations
  • Follow business standards as detailed in T&Cs
  • Understand basic canine etiquette and control, to include ID, appropriate harness/lead, off lead, social, phobias
  • Maintain a safe and legal method of animal transportation
  • Understand basic animal nutrition, be treat wise, allergy aware, poison aware
  • Maintain excellent cleanliness, personal, vehicle, animals and client property and be prepared to clean as appropriate Inc. client home/property/animal
  • Assume appropriate level of responsibility for client keys, home and property
  • Work within a small team and alone
  • Manage own time and hours
  • Understand and manage individual requirements per client and animal – Controls, rules, methods, exercise levels, rest, stimulation, social, length of job, time of job
  • Be prepared to be time adaptive to individual requirements between 8am-8pm
  • Be prepared to learn and develop canine psychology to support behaviour, emotional and social needs of multiple dogs
  • Provide one2one support for new puppies including day care – feeding, sleeping patterns, cleaning, toilet support, emotional needs
  • Support Pet Concierge with their puppy development program – tailored care over 8wks to the individual by breed and control to include – social awareness and stimuli, noise awareness, separation, basic training for sit/wait/come, introduction of puppy play, introduction to other dogs and if appropriate recall support
  • Work within the team daily to assess jobs, requirements, job matches for social, special needs
Future Prospects

It is expected that following a successful apprenticeship, a fulltime position will be made available.