Business and Administration

Business Administration Apprentice with RTITB

Working in Telford (view map)
Advanced Level Apprenticeship
Paying £148.20 per week
18 months duration

Vacancy Expired

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About the apprenticeship

Your role will include:

Send post:

  • Frank all outbound mail to ensure it is correctly marked, valued and sorted for the Royal Mail to despatch. Accurately record costs on a spreadsheet. Add funds to franking machine and arrange replacement Ink when required

Cert tray & paper refill:

  • Ensure printers are kept fully stocked with paper/letterhead/certificates. Record number of certificates used accurately and monitor stock levels of paper. Check printer toner level and order if required

Open/log post:

  • Open incoming post, sort and direct to relevant departments. Print forms received via email. Date stamp and record forms on post log accurately. Scan and save photographs in system folder

Atrium & rooms:

  • Top up refreshments in rooms around the building. Ensure hot water available where training is taking place. Monitor stock levels of items replaced. Note to cleaners where needs attention

Returned letters:

  • Identify reason for any returned post and take action to send to intended addressee

Stock check:

  • Weekly check and order from suppliers of stationary and refreshment

Meeting room set-up:

  • Ensure refreshments are ready in meeting rooms for the next day, set up for lunch and room presented as requested

Gas reading:

  • Take gas reading for building monthly and send to be recorded

Month-end scanning:

  • Scan processed forms into system folder and file under date received

 Book exam flights/hotels/car parking/car hire:

  • Travel arrangements for examiners/auditors/other staff members. Distribute details to person booking is for and record payment details and receipts

 NORS print run:

  • Print certificates and labels, send certificates in post to customers and mark on RTITB database that the certificate has been sent. The record number of certificates used

ID card/certificate requests:

  • Match forms with photos of trainees. Arrange payment and invoice, order ID cards/print certificates using RTITB database. Record notes on candidate record on the database

Send email certificates:

  • Use RTITB database to run a report which sends email certificates twice daily. 

NORS operator renewal emails:

  • Use RTITB database to run a report which sends renewal alert emails to RTITB NORS registered operators, Monthly

Send GF rights cards:

  • Use RTITB database to ensure cards are printed correctly. Send ID card in the post with covering letter. Reference RTITB database for any special requirements. Mark on RTITB database that they have been sent

Print & send accreditation letters & certificates:

  • Create labels and print and send Certificates and letters of Accreditations to organisations in the post. Record notes on RTITB database and file application forms

DVSA upload:

  • Log into Government website to upload verified training hours for driver CPC courses.  Query any licence number discrepancies with RTITB member who delivered the training. Top up pre-funded account and record details of payments made
  • Filing and Archiving records
  • Utilise the database for Instructor Renewal & Reminder Letters
Future Prospects

Ongoing development within the business.