Dental Nursing

Dental Nurse Apprentice

With Synergy Dental
Working in Stoke-On-Trent (view map)
Advanced Level Apprenticeship
Paying £156.00 per week
21 months duration

Vacancy Expired

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About the apprenticeship

Purpose of the job:

Provide clinical support to dentists, hygienists and patients, assist with reception or any clerical duties as required and perform such other tasks as reasonably requested by the principal.

Responsible to:

The principal, practice director, the dentist, CDT and therapist you are working with.

Responsible for:

Employment duties:

  • Perform high-quality dental nursing whilst assisting each dentist, hygienist or therapist in all procedures in a safe and effective manner in accordance with the ‘Code of Ethics’ of the British Association of Dental Nurses, the GDC’s ‘Scope of Practice’ 
  • Follow practice policies and procedures
  • Maintain professional indemnity and registration with the GDC
  • Undertake CPD in line with the GDC guidelines
  • Establish, promote and maintain productive working relationships with all members of the dental team 
  • Liaise with the practice director on all matters concerning administration, pay and service conditions
  • Assist with the supervision of trainee dental nurses in the practice
  • Assist with reception duties and perform other clerical duties if required
  • Take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your work

Key tasks:

  • Follow the practice procedures for infection prevention and control
  • Set-up and prepare the treatment room appropriately for each patient
  • Prepare the necessary materials and instruments, making sure that equipment and instruments are in good working order and maintained regularly in accordance with practice policy
  • Segregate waste in accordance with the practice procedures and ensure its safe disposal
  • Assist in taking radiographs according to your level of training
  • Process dental radiographs
  • Maintain and decontaminate equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and your training
  • Liaise with reception over appointments for each patient
  • Escort patients from the waiting room to the surgery, confirm the patient’s medical history is up-to-date and communicate to the dentist, CDT or therapist any change in medical history or problems that he/she has noted
  • Provide chair side support to the dentist, CDT or therapist during treatment
  • Prepare dental materials as required
  • Monitor, support and reassure patients 
  • Assist in the keeping of full and accurate patient records and ensure that they are regularly updated and stored securely
  • Support the patient and colleagues if there is an emergency
  • Provide appropriate advice to patients
  • Monitor and maintain stock within the practice as necessary, informing the practice director and liaising with the dentists [hygienists/therapists] over orders or any shortages of materials
  • Perform chaperoning duties for dentists, CDT or therapist when treating patients

Perform the following additional procedures following appropriate training:

  • Assist in the treatment of patients who are under conscious sedation
  • Assist in the treatment of patients with special needs
  • Carry out shade taking
  • Carry out intra-oral photography
  • Place rubber dam
  • Measure and record plaque indices
  • Pour, cast and trim study models
  • Remove sutures after the wound has been checked by a dentist
  • Apply fluoride varnish as part of a programme overseen by a consultant/a registered specialist in dental public health
  • Construct occlusal registration rims and special trays
  • Repair the acrylic component of removable appliances
  • Trace ceph radiographs

Perform the following additional procedures on prescription from the dentist:

  • Take radiographs
  • Apply topical anaesthetic
  • Construct mouthguards and bleaching trays
  • Construct vacuum formed retainers
  • Take impressions
  • Follow all dental ethical guidelines including all rules on confidentiality
  • Maintain and promote patient confidentiality in relation to patient medical history, details of treatment, financial transactions or any conversation overheard
  • Complete laboratory request forms and keep records of all items sent, received and fitted
  • Check that all necessary laboratory work is returned and ready for each session
  • Assist in all clerical and administrative duties as required by the principal
  • Report equipment failures or breakages to the practice director and enter into the repair/maintenance log.
  • Attend practice annual training for medical emergencies and CPR
  • Perform other tasks in accordance with additional skills you have developed within the GDC ‘Scope of Practice’
  • Identify your training and development needs and undertake appropriate training to maintain and increase competence in nursing skills by following an agreed CPD programme to comply with the GDC requirements
  • Provide feedback on the performance of trainee dental nurses
  • Bring to the attention of the principal or practice director any concerns about aspects of the practice, its performance or the performance of others in the practice
  • Attend all practice meetings as requested
  • Perform any other tasks that are reasonably requested by the principal
Future Prospects

Full-time position for the right person following successful completion of the apprenticeship process.