Level 3 Assessor Qualification

In order to achieve this qualification you will need to;

  1. Attend Training Day/s, to learn the skills and knowledge required to be an Assessor. 1 day – approximately 6 hours – to achieve Unit 301,
  2. Then further training complete the learning required for units 302 and 303.
  3. Attend regular standardisation meetings, to ensure that you are working in the same way and at the same level as other assessors in your organisation or work area.
  4. Be able to provide a person who checks the quality of your decisions, this may be a manager or expert colleague.
  5. You will need access to a minimum of two individuals to assess against a standard. This standard must be substantial and realistic.
  6. You will be supported in the workplace by your own designated assessor.

As part of the qualification, and to ensure the quality of what we deliver, there will be a requirement for support from one of Total People’s vocational sectors. Your Assessor for this qualification may not have the vocational knowledge in your work area to support and advise you on working with your learners – so this is done by an experienced Assessor and Quality Assurer who are skilled in your particular type of work, for example, engineering. This support will have to be agreed with the sector, and cannot be guaranteed.