Is your business missing out on the next wave of brilliant young talent?

Businessman‘s hand drawing a line leading to the goal.

If you’re an employer looking to take on new staff within the next few months, our advice is to ask yourself one crucial question: can you afford to allow fantastic young people to slip through the net?

Exams are over, results are almost in and many young people are deciding what to do next. Schools traditionally encourage their students to stay on at sixth form or go to college. However well intentioned, this isn’t the best option for many young people, and it certainly isn’t the best option for your business.

If you’ve ever considered taking on an apprentice but have been discouraged by what you may consider all the ‘red tape’, allow us to ease the load. We’ll support you through the entire process, from establishing what you need, advertising the vacancy, shortlisting applicants and helping with the interview process. Once your candidate is in post, we’ll then work with you to establish the exact projected skills’ needs of your business and tailor a programme of learning designed to meet those needs. We’ll then support you and the apprentice throughout the entire duration of the qualification.

We’re passionate about what we do and have a healthy respect for employers and learners, we know that without your business we wouldn’t have one, and to that extent we will do all we can to exceed expectations; managing, retaining and developing relationships and ensuring that you see a real return on investment.

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