C&A Joiners – Employer Interview

An image of building blueprints.

At Total People we love to hear from our tremendous employers; our latest interview is with Dave Holt, one of the directors of Congleton based company C&A Joiners.

“We’ve worked with Total People for over five years,” explains Dave, “and in that time we’ve had several apprentices.  Some of the young people that we’ve employed have had a difficult transition from school, but the Training Advisers from Total People make the process simple; supporting both us and the apprentice, and we very quickly see the potential of the young people.

“It’s always been important to us to invest in our staff, and the apprenticeship programme does just that; these young people are taught properly and we can mould them to fit the needs of our business. It’s a privilege to watch them grow and flourish, and become real assets to our team.

“Unfortunately apprenticeships still have a bad image for some people – they are seen as the ‘non-academic’ route. Firstly this simply isn’t the case, as our apprentices work extremely hard, and secondly, the work-based route is the only one that makes sense for our industry – being able to work with the young people to develop them whilst on-the-job is the perfect scenario. I’d recommend Total People and the apprenticeship route to any business”.

Thank you C&A Joiners for your continued support.