Voodou – Total People Celebrates Excellent Employers During National Apprenticeship Week

As part of Total People’s celebrations of National Apprenticeship Week, we’ve identified five employers across our industry and geographic areas, all of whom have proved exemplary in providing apprenticeship support and a real commitment to work-based learning.

Today’s case study focuses on Voodou; award winning hair salons and barber shops who’ve been voted Liverpool’s best salon 4 years running.

Rob Webb, Managing Director of Voodou, explains why the company’s ethos of developing young people via apprenticeships is so important, and has worked so well.

Rob Webb, Managing Director of Voodou.

Rob Webb, Managing Director of Voodou, explains why the company’s ethos of developing young people is so important, and has worked so well:

“Voodou started over forty years’ ago; we’ve now got four salons in the city all of which focus on a particular demographic, and this diversification has been key to our success. To support the business we knew that we wanted to train exceptional young people, and eight years ago joined forces with Total People, who now provide all of our theory training to support the practical training that we deliver in-house. This partnership works beautifully – it allows us to really concentrate on what we do well and means we can fully focus on our learners.

“We currently have 65 young people in learning and this figure is growing. Two thirds of those young people will ultimately be employed by Voodou, and the rest are learners who are linked to other salons. Being able to train our staff has ensured that we can mould them to suit the exact needs of our business, and crucially, immerse them in our ethos and culture. We are quirky and a little off-centre, and one of the nicest parts of my job is to see young people come into the business at 16 with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, and cultivate that excitement and eagerness and ensure that it’s not lost during the training process. We want our young people to flourish, and whilst it’s crucial to train them in cutting, colouring and styling hair, we also want to develop them into great people.

“The nature of the business means that it is very much trend-led; whilst it’s important that we follow trends we also want to make them, and having our own in house training with trainers who are still very much immersed in the industry allows us to do just that.

“I’d recommend not only apprenticeships but Total People to any business; everyone we have dealt with has been flexible, approachable, responsive, and fully supportive. And the apprenticeship route has allowed us to grow our own talent in house, which has been critical to our ongoing success.”

Thank you Rob for your ongoing support.

As a gesture of our appreciation we would like to make a £50 contribution to a charitable or community based project of the employer’s choice – in this case Claire House.