Subcontracting Policy

Total People is committed to delivering exceptional standards of learning and to providing a broad offer of learning opportunities and choice to all learners.To support this, we enter into both fully subcontracted (provision subcontracting) and joint delivery arrangements with a number of organisations.

The rates given in this policy relate to our fully subcontracted (provision subcontracting) arrangements. Rates for joint delivery vary greatly dependent upon the agreed mix of the delivery. Rates shown are a percentage of the amounts paid to us by the Skills Funding Agency for the relevant provision.

Total People enter into subcontracted arrangements to ensure that:

  • There is a broad offer of learning and choice which supplements and underpins our direct delivery;
  • The learner receives exceptional standards of learning;
  • We raise the standard of learning and quality of teaching to those providers who enter into a contract of provision with us.

To view our subcontracting policy please click on the link below:


Amounts paid and retained for provision subcontractors in 2015/16