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If you are looking to start, or progress, your dream career - we are here to help. With 92% of apprentices feeling that their apprenticeship had a positive impact on their career, what are you waiting for?

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Total People Connect is a quick and simple way for you to find an apprenticeship that will allow you to work, earn and learn towards a recognised apprenticeship qualification.

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Total People Connect is a fully supported, free apprenticeship recruitment service that connects your business with a pool of local talented apprentices.

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Gift your Levy for Growth

Total People is calling on large employers to gift unspent levy funds to support SME growth.

Gift Your Levy

As a large employer, you’re already paying the apprenticeship levy, but did you know 25% could be legitimately gifted to smaller businesses instead of it being returned to Government? Gifting your unspent levy couldn’t be easier – but has a huge social impact.

SME Funding

SME businesses who don’t pay the apprenticeship levy can also benefit by accessing this levy gifted funding. This means small-to-medium sized businesses can access fully-funded apprenticeship training in key sectors - at no cost.

Four Steps To Recruiting An Apprentice

Recruiting an apprentice is just like employing any other colleague.

Our dedicated Recruitment Engagement and Business Development teams will provide assistance and contact throughout the simple four-step process.

Your current employees can also be upskilled through our courses and this professional development can create a workforce that feels valued, respected and above all fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to do their job to the best of their ability.

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