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Why Upskilling Is Important 

Upskilling your employees is an easy way to reduce your recruitment costs, retain your staff and futureproof your business. Through upskilling, your staff can become better at doing what they do best, by gaining new technical and workplace knowledge with our support, expertise and advice. 

However, we understand there are barriers. Not having time to undertake training, managers too stretched to organise it, and budget restraints are all common issues.

With over 20 years' experience in training and development, we work with companies across the North West to understand their workforce needs and build training plans unique to them.

We're also experts in helping to navigate the skills system and funding red tape, which is pivotal to you accessing the right training for your needs.


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The Business Case For Upskilling Your Team

Investing in your employees’ skills is investing in the future of your business. Here’s why:

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Improved business productivity 
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Reduced recruitment costs
Promoting a culture of innovation and excellence
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Futureproofing against changing needs 
Fill your skills gaps
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Adapt to market changes

How We Help With Staff Development

Initial Assessment

We assess every learner before starting a course to benchmark their level of literacy and numeracy.

Skills Support

We provide support throughout the learning to improve English and maths skills.

Workplace Behaviours

We embed workplace skills, such as communication and teamwork within our learning.

Continual Growth

Our tutors regularly assess quality of work, and are always on hand to provide guidance and support. 

How Do I Upskill My Employees?

Apprenticeships Funding

You can solve your skills gaps by using Apprenticeship funding. SMEs with a wage bill of less than £3m can get up to 95% of the cost of an apprenticeship government funded. 

Short Courses

Businesses in Greater Manchester can also access funding for short courses for their staff (subject to eligibility). This funding is for Level 3 courses aimed at readying existing staff for more responsibility and supervisory roles.

Combined Training

From Level 3 (equivalent to an A Level) through to Level 7 (equivalent to a Masters Degree) qualifications, we provide a mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge ready for learners to apply in the workplace and immediately impact your business.

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The Greater Manchester Local Skills Improvement Plan 

The Greater Manchester Local Skills Improvement Plan (GM LSIP), published in August 23, identifies skills shortages across key sectors in the region. 

We offer Apprenticeships and Short Courses to help you get the right skills in your business, based on the research from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

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