Sub-contracting policy

Total People Limited is required by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to provide the following information in relation to subcontracted activity.

Total People are committed to delivering exceptional standards of learning and to provide a broad offer of learning opportunities and choice to all learners.

To support this, we enter into both fully subcontracted (provision subcontracting) and joint delivery arrangements with a number of organisations. The rates given in this policy relate to our fully subcontracted (provision subcontracting) arrangements. Rates for joint delivery vary greatly dependent upon the agreed mix of the delivery.

Total People enter into subcontracted arrangements to ensure that:

  • there is a broad offer of learning and choice which supplements and underpins our direct delivery;
  • the learner receives exceptional standards of learning;
  • we raise the standard of learning and quality of teaching for those providers who enter into a contract of provision with us.

Total People will continue on an on-going basis to improve the quality of any subcontracted arrangements which is evidenced by:

  • pre-contract activity which assesses the capability, capacity and readiness of the subcontractor to deliver the proposed learning;
  • contract reviews which are undertaken on a regular basis, dependent on risk, which encompass the quality of provision delivered, learner progress, a new sub-contractor, teaching and learning and contract performance;
  • advising on the quality of provision and ways to improve working between Total People and the subcontractor.
  • Supply chain fees and Charges Policy

Total People supply-chain fees for subcontracting vary dependent upon the level of support required and provided to each subcontractor. These fees are reviewed regularly and are adjusted as appropriate.

Total People typically retain between 10% and 20% of the ESFA funding it receives against each learner. This is applied equally to both on programme and outcome payments.

Linda Dean

Managing Director