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Digital Consultancy Company helps apprentice to break into the industry

Tell us a little bit more about your organisation

25/8 Group is a London-style digital consultancy that decided to base itself in Shropshire. Partnering with many of the world’s most exciting gaming, tech and entertainment companies, we provide field marketing, sales consultancy, and digital content support.

Tell us more about your 50in5 apprenticeship

We are looking for a Junior Content Producer who will be responsible for:

  • Operating the B-cam during film production and occasionally managing the main cam during shooting if required
  • Setting up photography and filming equipment on location, i.e. setting up tripods, level adjustment, mic’ing subjects, maintaining audio levels, assisting with lighting and white balancing the cameras
  • Operating a gimbal and balancing gimbals during film production
  • Simple editing tasks, i.e. editing a scripted piece to camera
  • Linking audio when required
  • Assisting the Brand Manager and Content Producer with storyboarding
  • Learning about manual camera mechanics
  • Colour grading post edit
  • Photoshop edits

What made you want to recruit an apprentice?

We are a business who are passionate about nurturing emerging talent and we feel that recruiting an apprentice helps talent to break into exciting industries.

Talk us through the process – how easy was it to recruit your new apprentice through Total People?

Sheena has been our main point of contact and has been excellent. She has been both reactive and proactive in supporting us through the process.

Why did you choose Total People?

We were impressed by Total People’s commitment to digital and creative based apprenticeships as it reflects our investment in future proof roles for our workforce.

What do you expect to be the benefits of recruiting or retraining through an apprenticeship?

It will be great to have a person who is passionate about learning whilst having the benefit of learning the business through first-hand experience and mentorship from existing team members.

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