Apprentice Barber is a cut above – Ollie’s story

The Resurgence of the Barbering Industry and Barber Culture has undoubtedly led to more job opportunities and a surge in interest from young people wanting to start their career.


One of the factors driving its resurgence according to research by is the fact that men are reverting back to the old style barber shops resulting in the demand for this sort of hair cutting venue being so high. A less apparent factor is the male population’s trend towards switching from unisex salons back to more traditional barber shops. This has lead to a growing amount of new barber shops as well as training academies including Total People’s barbering apprenticeships.

That is no more apparent than in Chester’s trendy suburb of Hoole which is home to the brilliant Number 47 and apprentice barber, Ollie Foster.

Ollie, whose mum Lynne owns the business, is making waves in the industry with a gifted ability with clippers and scissors, as well as his work with the homeless in providing the city’s less fortunate with free haircuts.

“I get a real buzz out of it,” says Ollie. It’s a fast paced environment and word of mouth continues to bring in new business – I absolutely love meeting new people and providing the best possible service to them.”

Recognised success

Ollie’s skills has earned him recognition from renowned Dutch barbers Schorem, the celebrities of barbering world. He was one of just 10 barbers nationwide to be selected to join them at a unique showcase event in Manchester back in February and only last week he was invited to Belfast to showcase his skills live on stage.

Ollie said: “I am delighted to be offered such a brilliant opportunity. It’s what all ambitious apprentices dream of! I love learning new things and networking with the industry’s best – what’s not to gain?”

Ollie’s assessor, Donna, admits his overall character is quite unique. “It is rare to see someone with such passion for learning and developing. With such desire, he is guaranteed to go far in the industry.”

After completing his barbering qualifications with Total People, Ollie hopes to pursue a career teaching the next generation of barbers whilst continuing the excellent service he provides at Number 47.

Congratulations on your well deserved recognition, Ollie!

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