Apprenticeship Levy Fund support future goals for Tomasz in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning career.

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EON employee Tomasz is celebrating after recently completing his Level 3 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning qualification with Total People.

He explains how he found the process and how it has benefited him and his future goals, enabling him to look forward to an enjoyable and rewarding career.

“My work colleague recommended it and I saw it advertised so decided to go for it, and I found the application process very easy” said Tomasz.

Throughout his apprenticeship he has learned the basics of refrigeration and developed skills in fault finding, investigating malfunctions in the equipment which has not only helped him in his role but his team mates as well.

It has been enjoyable as I can work at my current workplace with the people I know and learn new things. It has been a good opportunity to learn the profession that I am interested in and even better it was free, so I didn’t have to worry about the cost, as this was covered by the Apprenticeship Levy Fund.

Tomasz has enjoyed focusing on gaining the practical skills to help him progress along his chosen career path.  He is hoping that his new-found talents will eventually lead to him running his own business which is something he has always dreamed of

“I would recommend Total People as the application process is easy and the tutors are friendly”.

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