Apprenticeships for Full Time Staff – Nicola’s Story

Ever thought about doing a qualification, but don’t really want to leave work or give up your evenings?

Well… You may be pleased to find out that you can actually still do an Apprenticeship if you’re already employed!

We met with one of our Management learners, Nicola Hitchen who works for Payzone in Nantwich that started as a full-time member of staff.

Payzone originally recommended the qualification and Nicola took up the opportunity to develop herself.

“I previously worked for a couple of other call centre’s that didn’t offer any training prior to starting with Payzone. When I was told about the qualification, I thought it would be a great chance to make me stand out.”

Nicola jumped straight into the world of work after leaving school, but now with the help of a supportive employer, she has been able to complete 4 qualifications with Total People; Contact Centre, Customer Service, Team Leading and Management.

“I think doing these qualifications has helped me move up in the company and it’s helped my confidence. I started working on the phones, but I’m now a team leader looking after 8 members of staff!”

Nicola has luckily had an employer who has been willing to pay towards her training, but in the majority of cases, qualifications are funded for learners up to the age of 24, with a contribution then being required for anyone over 24.

Nicola says “Before you sign up for the qualification, make sure you’ve got the time, you’re motivated and doing it for the right reasons. Payzone give me time to work on qualifications, but there are times when I complete work at home.”

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