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Astar Homecare promoting apprenticeships

Tell us a little bit more about your organisation

The owners and directors of AStar Homecare, Adam and Gillian Holden, have between them a wealth of knowledge and experience, not only within the Care Sector but also in Leadership and Management. It is their aim to promote quality within the care sector and create a service that is truly about the people receiving our support and putting you at the heart of what we do.

Both Adam and Gillian have their level 5 in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care and strive to be an outstanding service.

Both are very passionate about the wider community too and helping where they can.

Tell us more about your 50in5 apprenticeship

We are promoting apprentices within our company to enhance people’s knowledge and develop them professionally.

What made you want to recruit an apprentice/retrain your existing colleagues?

We believe it’s a great asset to have people grow organically within your business so they know all aspects of the business. It also gives people a professional goal.

Talk us through the process – how easy was it to recruit your new apprentice through Total People?

I met Sue from Total People whilst visiting my mentor who already uses Total People. Sue was very professional, had a clear vision and passion for what she did and explained things really well to us regarding how it would work and benefit both the apprentice and us as a business

Why did you choose Total People?

Because Sue seemed passionate, not only about her role, but also about the sector which is what we are, and what we want to embed in our business.

What do you expect to be the benefits of recruiting or retraining through an apprenticeship?

It sets a goal and gives people motivation and the opportunity to develop and gain more knowledge. That in turn will enable the team to grow together and be the best version of themselves for our individuals.

Would you recommend Total People to other employers? If so, why?

Yes, because they are professional, knowledgeable and adaptable to your company’s needs.

We are very passionate about improving peoples lives and well being, about appreciating and supporting our team and about reaching out to the wider community. In 12 weeks we have employed 14 local people and support more than 29 individuals.


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