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National Conveyancing Week 2024 | Case Study: PCS Legal

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During last year’s National Conveyancing Week we spoke with Kate Forsdike, Partner and Licensed Conveyancer at PCS Legal. Kate was effusive in her praise for her apprentices; but how are they doing one year later?

Tell us more about PCS Legal

PCS legal are a firm of licensed conveyancers, dealing with all types of property law. We're also private practitioners, so we can deal with will and probate matters as well.

During the last National Conveyancing Week, you were very clear about your support for apprenticeships. Why is that?

Apprentices can still work during while they're doing the apprenticeship, which I think really helps and they get allocated time throughout the week to be able to do their course.

What benefits did you notice once your team started taking on apprentices?

So I've noticed that there's definitely an improved technical knowledge, especially people doing the conveyancing courses, and there's a lot more understanding of our own policies and procedures. I also feel that apprentices are more confident in providing the correct information to our clients and also to staff members who are also learning and developing in their roles.

How are your apprentices from 12 months ago progressing?

Our apprentices are progressing really, really well. We now have two apprentices that are on their level 6 endpoint assessments, which is absolutely fantastic, so they’ll definitely be qualifying this year. On our Level 4, we have a couple of staff who are on their last two modules, which is also really good to see because they're gonna be passing their level 4s this year.

We’re even thinking of holding a graduation for those that have passed their courses this year, just to celebrate their passing their course.

How has your experience been with Total People?

Our experience with Total People has been very positive. I find them very supportive with our apprentices and I really like the catch-up sessions that I have with them. Also the weekly steps with our apprentices; I feel this really keeps them on track and enables them to complete their courses. They really do help our apprentices and have the systems and support in place to make sure that they are successful in their studies.

What advice do you have to conveyancing firms thinking of upskilling their staff?

I would never hesitate in upskilling staff. There's definitely a need for more licensed conveyancers in our industry and therefore it is up to us as conveyancing firms to make sure that our existing staff are upskilled and licensed.

Conveyancing staff having knowledge, especially technical knowledge, can never be a bad thing. With the support of the apprenticeship, you know you're never gonna go wrong.

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