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There's never been a better time to employ an apprentice or upskill your existing workforce.

With the new apprenticeship reforms and the introduction of the Levy causing an unprecedented change to the apprenticeship landscape, there are even more options and financial incentives available for employers looking to employ or upskill. 

The new apprenticeship standards are created in tandem with employers, ensuring that apprentices attain the specific skills, both technical and behavioural, to your industry.  Total People has positioned itself as the go-to place for employers seeking information on how the levy will affect their planning and workforce development. Ever proactive, Total People lead the way in ensuring information is current, relevant and accessible.

Total People has been building a reputation for excellence in the North West since 2001.

We provide apprenticeship training to almost 6000 young people in 2000 settings and have consistently been graded as ‘Good’ through Ofsted inspection (latest survey May 2017). Our latest survey shows that an incredible 94% of employers and 87% of learners would recommend us, meaning our great reputation is well deserved.

We operate mainly in the North West of England including Greater Manchester; excellent links with local authorities and leading employers in the construction, electrical, creative professions, caring professions, engineering, business services and social media industries (to name a few), mean that we are perfectly placed to offer a whole raft of qualifications in a huge range of occupational areas, completed on-the-job and supported by industry professionals. 

'Total People has dedicated Business Development Executives (BDEs) who are driven by the sole aim of ensuring that businesses thrive by enabling all staff to fulfil their potential.'

As standard, we conduct an in-depth business diagnostic to enable us to understand the employer’s mission, values and vision. We map competencies to the apprenticeship standard and create bespoke learning materials shaped for the employer’s culture and practices that make the learning highly relevant through a contextualised approach. We agree delivery, assessment, planning, review and monitoring, and communication strategies.

For employers: 

The opportunity to mould staff to suit exact business requirements cannot be underestimated – gaining qualified, experienced, loyal employees is a real asset.

For learners:

The opportunity to earn a wage whilst gaining world-class qualifications with no associated debt enables them parity with both their peers in further education and in industry.

At Total People we are passionate about what we do and have a healthy respect for employers and learners. 

We know that without your business we would not have one, and to that extent, we will do all we can to exceed expectations; managing, retaining and developing relationships. Apprenticeships matter at Total People because we understand that many jobs are best prepared for whilst on the job. They matter because we recognise that no single means of learning will ever suit everyone. They matter because many of the best run companies include apprentices (we know this because we are one of them), and they matter because we firmly believe that the success of our society is, in part, measured on its capacity to guide young people into meaningful employment.

It is this commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to training which helps them realise and reach their potential which drives us. Ours is an industry of constant change, and we meet each development with the same level of alacrity and vigour, ensuring that we are best placed to guide our employers and learners through the ever-evolving landscape of work-based learning. 

Total People - Leaders in Learning.

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