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Is an Apprenticeship Full Time Education?

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Apprenticeships are more popular than ever for those looking to kickstart their careers, while also gaining valuable vocational training and hands-on experience in their chosen field. 

However, there’s often confusion about whether apprenticeships count as full-time education. 

Here, we will shed some light on the unique nature of apprenticeships, their typical time commitments, and how they compare to traditional full-time education. 

Is an apprenticeship full time education?

Yes, in the United Kingdom, apprenticeships are recognised as a form of full-time education. Apprenticeships combine practical work experience with structured training and assessments, meaning they offer a blend of vocational and academic learning which set them apart from other forms of full-time education. 

Apprenticeships come in various types and forms, offering different time commitments and training structures to suit individual needs. Generally, however, the structure of a standard apprenticeship role typically includes:

On-the-job training

You will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced staff in real-world scenarios, gaining job-specific skills to equip you with a hands-on understanding of your role.

Off-the-job training

In addition to working in hands-on practical environments, your apprenticeship will allot time for structured training or study related to your role. This is usually provided by a college or training provider, and typically accounts for at least 20% of your normal working hours.

Regular assessments

You will be continually assessed, to ensure that you are meeting required standards and consolidating your training. 

Apprenticeship vs. full-time education

While apprenticeships and traditional full-time education share some similarities, apprenticeships are largely unique in their structure and requirements. Here, we’ll explore some key differences between the two. 

Apprenticeships are distinctive in that they offer a combination of work and study, while traditional full-time education is wholly centred on classroom-based, academic learning. 

As an apprentice, you are considered an employee and will earn a wage, holiday pay, and other employee rights. Unlike full time education, an apprenticeship role allows you to earn as you learn.

Apprentices gain hands on experience in a role, meaning that they are ready to enter their chosen profession immediately upon completing training, whereas traditional full-time education graduates may require additional training or experience before entering the workforce. 

Graduating as an apprentice equips you with both a recognised qualification and valuable work experience, making the transition into a full-time working career smoother. 

Choosing Total People for your apprenticeship

Total People offers a diverse range of apprenticeships to suit your career goals - whether you are already employed or not.

Our application process is straightforward, and we provide the mentorship, excellent facilities, guidance throughout the course of your apprenticeship journey. Here’s how:

If you already have a job

If you’re already employed and want to enhance your skill set, expertise, and career prospects through an apprenticeship, then you’ve already taken the initial step on your journey.

Now, all you need to do is get in touch with us to register your interest in a specific apprenticeship - you can also contact us by calling 0330 822 3647 - we’ll take care of the rest! 

Total People will get in touch with you and your employer to discuss your next steps. 

If you do not already have a job

If you’re not already working in a role or field, the first (but arguably most important) step is to decide which industry you’d like to work in. 

Think about what your main interests are: when you imagine your future career, what roles or fields excite you? Which business or sector do you see yourself in? Explore the range of opportunities Total People offers in a variety of apprenticeship sectors - one of these may spark your interest!

If you think an apprenticeship is the right choice, Total People is here to support you in taking the first step on the journey to achieving your goals. With dedicated support, flexible programmes, and exceptional resources; your journey to personal and professional growth begins here. 

If you’re ready to begin, explore our current apprenticeship opportunities and begin your career today. 

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