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Ex-Apprentice turned manager now hiring an apprentice

Tell us a little bit more about your organisation

Kids Around the Clock is a family run business with 3 very busy early years childcare settings. We are an outstanding childcare provider who have a passion for delivering flexible and affordable outstanding childcare to parents/carers in the Wythenshawe and Chadderton areas of Manchester and Oldham. We are open from 7am to 7pm and offer full time, part time and term time only positions. We offer a transport service for our clients where we collect the children from home and return them in the evening for ease of parents.

Kids Around the Clock have an amazing benefits system for staff which includes free meals daily and free tea and coffee.

Tell us more about your 50in5 apprenticeship

The apprenticeships are Childcare Assistants and we have vacancies for a level two and level three Apprentice. The successful candidate would be training towards an Early Years Educator Qualification. The types of things you would be expected to be doing, is mainly caring for children from 0 -5 years old with an opportunity to work in Afterschool club which ranges from 3-15 years to gain experience in a wide range of ages. You would work alongside a mentor to enable knowledge and role modelling of outstanding practice. You would be expected to learn how to plan exciting and engaging activities for individual children’s learning and development progress and safeguard those in your care. Apprentices are expected to help keep a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness within the setting and help practitioners to follow the routines and help to maintain a happy atmosphere.

What made you want to recruit an apprentice?

As a Manager that started as a level 3 apprentice I have a passion for giving opportunities to advance in your chosen career by obtaining hands on experience learning from the wealth of knowledge that surrounds you on a daily basis. Kids Around the Clock as a company go above and beyond to ensure their Apprentices are supported in all aspects of the job role, by appointing mentors, allowing time out for training and offering staff benefits such as free meals, which all goes towards helping them to achieve their goals. Regular supervisions and reviews mean that targets for support are always updated and staff members feel supported and appreciated.

Why did you choose Total People?

I received an email regarding the 50 in 5 pledge and wanted to take part.

What do you expect to be the benefits of recruiting through an apprenticeship?

As an employer who has a number of apprenticeships, we feel that the best way to train for Early Years is to be hands on to gain the skills and experience needed to become an outstanding practitioner in this sector, also the knowledge that you gain form those around you is priceless

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