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We’re saying a huge thank you to all our levy gifting employers this December for gifting £1.2m of life changing funds this year. 

With almost 180 apprentices starting their training as a result, we hear from Catherine McGee, RSPCA Operations Manager, who has benefited from this generous gift to start a CMI L5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Why did you choose to do your apprenticeship?

"I’ve worked in management roles for several years and learned by experience and example but had neither the time nor financial freedom to undertake a formal qualification. In my current role I'm fortunate to have employers who are committed to facilitating ongoing development, and the autonomy within my role to dedicate time to learning. 

"By doing this apprenticeship I was hoping to refine my skillset as a manager, learn universal frameworks for approaching management tasks and gain a qualification that will support my career progression. "

What new skills have you gained during your apprenticeship?

"I've gained awareness of many valuable frameworks during my apprenticeship, from self-development frameworks to help me map my personal progress and set realistic goals to ones which have broadened my understanding of management principles and helped me become a more effective and responsive manager.

In particular, I’ve developed skills around project management and handling finances that have boosted my confidence.

How has levy gifted enabled you to benefit from learning and training?

"Being part of a small, independently registered RSPCA Branch, our resources can be limited which can mean training budgets are modest.

Levy gifting has enabled me to access high quality learning materials and support to improve my skillset, and the skillset of others within our organisation.

What would you say to the business who gifted their levy funds for your training?

"A huge thank you! Not only has their generous gift enabled our organisation to benefit from an upskilled workforce and contributed to the personal development of several team members but the training that they’ve enabled has led to huge operational developments that will continue to benefit our small charity for many years to come!"

To find out more about gifting unused levy funds or accessing funds for training, contact Beckie Holmes, Levy gifting manager, on 0161 674 8756.

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