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Office staff and support services provide the stability to any business – without diligent, hardworking administrators companies would crack.

If your company was a skeleton then your office staff and support services would be the backbone – the major sustaining factor which helps your business boom.

Without diligent, hard-working, focused administrators companies start to crack; office staff provide essential functions; HR, finance, accounting, management and marketing to name a few. Tasks are wide and varied but all ultimately have the same objective – ensuring the business meets its goals.

Office based staff, including receptionists, are often the ‘face’ of the business and the first person with whom potential clients have contact. It’s therefore essential that the person performing this role is professional and courteous with great knowledge of the company and a great attitude towards helping the business thrive.

It goes without saying that effective management can make or break a business and it’s essential that all managers help ensure that organisations achieve their objectives and goals. Henri Fayol, French Industrialist, developed a general theory of business administration (often called Fayolism) which breaks management and leadership into five broad core elements:


Defining goals and determining the most effective actions to achieve those goals.


Delegating tasks and responsibilities effectively.


Making sure the right people are in the right jobs.


Ensuring all functions operate cohesively and departments all work towards the shared, defined goal.


Monitoring Key Performance Indicators to ensure goals are achieved.

Has your business got well-organised office staff and smooth-running support services already in place? Could they be improved? If so we can help you fix these fundamental functions. Total People offer apprenticeships in a huge range of business essential roles including accountancy, customer service, business administration, management, HR and marketing. We support a vast array of local businesses, large and small, to ensure that their office staff are performing to the best possible standards and adding real value to your organisation.

There's never been a better time to employ an apprentice or upskill your existing workforce; with the new apprenticeship reforms and the introduction of the Levy causing an unprecedented change to the apprenticeship landscape, there are even more options and financial incentives available for employers looking to employ or upskill.

Contact us today, and watch your business boom!

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