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When Selwyns Travel decided to plug an engineering skills gap at both its Manchester and Runcorn depots, they turned to Total People to find two talented engineering apprentices.

Not only did they find their workforce of the future by taking on four apprentices but they also worked with Total People to create brand new role for one learner with additional needs and a passion for all things transport.

Sue Martindale, Human Resources Director at Selwyns Travel, said: “It was during the recruitment process that we found a young man who amazed us all with his knowledge and passion of buses. With the assistance of Total People, we decided to create an apprenticeship within our Traffic Office in Manchester which was unique to him and which focussed on his skills.  

“In addition, we also have four other Total People apprentices within our business; three engineering apprentices and a business apprentice.”

Sue explained how Selwyns Travel had been looking to take on apprentices to bridge their skills gap and ensure young talent with innovative ideas vital to long-term success and sustainability were brought into the company.

She said:

Employing an apprentice is a highly cost-effective way of increasing the workforce and can also increase productivity.  

"It is also encourages knowledge and expertise to be passed on to people who are keen to learn a trade or business which in turn can enhance their own career development. Most importantly, it is a way of providing a company with skilled staff for the future.”

Sue also emphasised how crucial it was for young people to be given the opportunity to enter an industry ready to reopen following the pandemic.  She said: “Apprenticeships are one of the best ways to get people into work. Many more young people are choosing not to go to university.  This means that there's a pool of bright and talented young people out there looking for an alternative route into a career path. By hiring apprentices, you can move away from traditional recruitment practices, and assess candidates based on motivation rather than experience”.

In terms of the recruitment process, she praised Total People’s apprenticeship expertise and support:

As one of the largest providers of apprenticeships in the North West, Total People are very supportive in terms of any specific recruitment needs and offer a wealth of apprenticeships in a wide range of career sectors.

“The process is very simple.  We contacted Total People with our requirements and they then advertised the apprenticeships on our behalf.  Candidates were placed on a portal where their applications could be reviewed.  

“We have worked successfully with Total People previously and have colleagues within our current workforce who now have a skilled role within our business. I would you recommend Total People to other employers.”

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