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SocialMedia92 talk about their new 50in5 apprentice

Tell us a little bit more about your organisation

We are visionary marketeers with a passion for creative problem-solving of complex business issues.

We are enthusiastic and persuasive individuals who thrive on challenging projects. Leadership should be as positive an experience as possible for all involved.

Our specialties include: Branding and Creative Marketing, Strategic Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Networking, Engagement. Strategies and tactics are utilised to their fullest potential.

We’re experienced with Start-ups, virtual environments, micro-enterprises, medium-sized businesses. Online/on-line marketing, digital marketing, and electronic marketing. Marketing and Social Media Management, training and advice. Social Networking from strategy to tactics with experience that includes working within a USA based marketing & branding agency and UK start-ups.

We spend sufficient time to understand what our client’s goals and aspirations are from engaging in social media – then it’s our job to help to deliver them in the simplest and fastest way possible.

We’re a multi-award winning team with over 5 years’ experience managing global brands across social media.

Tell us more about your 50in5 apprenticeship

Our apprentice starts on the 18th March and will be working with us for 12 months as a Social Media & Design Executive. They will be assisting us in managing our clients’ social media content across multiple social media platforms in various industries.

What made you want to recruit an apprentice?

We wanted to bring someone on-board who had only recently finished university and hadn’t had any previous experience with other agencies, as we would like to work with the apprentice 1-2-1 to develop their skills to suit our agencies’ expectations. We also believe that as a young agency, we will be able to train the apprentice in multiple areas of the business that will only benefit them in picking up additional business skills.

Talk us through the process – how easy was it to recruit your new apprentice through Total People?

Super Easy! We spoke to government about the apprenticeship positions and how it all worked and then they put us in touch with Total People who arranged everything for us.

Why did you choose Total People?

Total People had the appropriate course for our apprentice and there was no hassle dealing with them over the phone.

Would you recommend Total People to other employers? If so, why?

Yes! Really easy to deal with and very helpful when needed.

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