Why employers should invest in functional skills training

adult learners in a training session
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More than a quarter of adults aged 16-65 lack basic functional skills (English and maths). Employees often worry about admitting to poor functional skills and instead adopt coping strategies rather than asking for help because of the fear of losing their job, not being promoted, or being seen as ineffective by colleagues and managers.

The problem can be overlooked as workers adopt coping strategies such as relying on colleagues, avoiding tasks or taking longer than necessary to check and re-check emails, reports or data.

Upskilling your existing members of staff can be a more efficient cost and time efficient-efficient way to bridge the skills gap in your business than recruitment. With a solid understanding of your business processes and requirements, employees will be able to focus on developing the specific skills they are lacking. 

Not only that, companies that focus on training internally often see an improvement in employee morale, employee acquisition, and brand reputation. 

Short courses can help your employees upskill in specific areas that will improve their overall workplace capabilities. 

We offer short courses in Functional Skills that are suitable for employees looking to improve their English and maths skills. Looking for more workplace short courses? Take a look at short courses offered by our sister-organisation MOL Learn.

Six reasons to invest in functional skills for your workforce:

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees

Investing time, money and resources in training makes your employees feel valued. Employees who feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities are more likely to feel satisfied towards their job, increasing the overall morale!

  • Increased employee motivation

When employees understand their job, it builds their confidence! And with increased confidence, your employees will perform better.

  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain

Studies have shown that productivity increases when a company invests in training. With an increased efficiency, tasks are completed more successfully, improving the company’s turnover.

  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods

If the training program addresses an employees weaknesses and strengthens, it will ensure that everyone is on the same page! This means that all your employees will share similar skills and knowledge, making it easier to adopt any changes within the company such as new technologies or methods.

  • Increased innovation in strategies and products

Training can trigger ideas that an employee never thought of before. Learning new things could encourage more creativity and innovation!

  • Reduced employee turnover

A valued and challenged employee will be more engaged and less likely to leave the company. Even though initial costs in training might seem pricey, it will be worth it when your recruitment costs decrease. 

Find out more about Functional Skills courses available or speak to a member of the team on 0333 222 666.