Customer Service

Medical Receptionist Apprenticeship

With Weaver Vale Surgery
Competitive Salary

About the apprenticeship

General Duties:

  • Workstations kept clean and tidy
  • Office / kitchen kept clean and tidy
  • Reception / Waiting room kept clean and tidy
  • Smart dress and appearance
  • Good general attitude
  • Time-keeping, arrive punctually
  • Filing of notes, letters and test results
  • Deal with requests for routine home visits
  • Deal with requests for urgent home visits
  • Summary printouts for home visits
  • Summary printouts to email to hospital on request
  • Safeguarding summary printouts
  • Deal with messages from patients
  • Deal with messages from staff
  • Clear tasks within EMIS
  • Process non-NHS / insurance work
  • Sort and file prescriptions into alphabetical order
  • Prepare new patient packs
  • Record all Non NHS Income, giving receipts, recording in petty cash book
  • Health and Safety responsibilities

IT Skills:

  • EMIS Web system
  • Distribute path lab reports and match 'mismatches'
  • Process and file OOH / 111 Documents
  • Scan patient letters using DOCMAN and workflow
  • Scan patient letters non workflow
  • Complete workflow template
  • Check DOCMAN Workflow inbox for actions daily
  • Raise blood / urine forms using ICE
  • On-line appointments and px requests via EMIS
  • Process new registrations and deductions
  • Dealing with incoming Emails from patients
  • Processing e-Consults
  • Sending text messages via AccuRx
  • Set up online access for patients

Telephone Skills:

  • Log into Cisco Telephone system
  • Make and receive external calls
  • Transfer internal calls

EMIS Skills:


  • Viewing appointments and details of appointments
  • Finding free appointment slots
  • Making and changing appointments in person and over the telephone
  • Make an appointment with GP's, Nurses, Physio
  • Making appointments for chronic disease reviews
  • Making appointments for 24 hour BP
  • Registering patient arrival
  • Printing information about appointments (List)
  • Backing up appointments
  • Envisage Screen - know how to report a problem

EMIS Skills:

Registering a patient:

  • Registering a permanent / regular patient
  • Registering a temporary patient
  • Re-registering an ex regular patient
  • Re-registering an ex temporary patient
  • File new patient records via GP2GP

EMIS Skills:


  • Deal with prescription queries
  • Issuing a repeat prescription
  • Issuing a past medication prescription
  • Adding medication and issuing prescription
  • Cancelling medication
  • Deal with patients on repeat dispensing
  • Work through lists from clinical staff on med changes / savings
  • Adding / changing medication from hospital discharge letters as directed
  • Process weekly prescriptions

EMIS Skills:

Updating patient records:

  • Tasks
  • Smoking status
  • Check for overdue reviews / alerts
  • Input data onto computer system / read coding
  • Update contact / address details

Health and Safety. To ensure a safe working environment at all times for yourself and your colleagues and to report any unsafe areas / procedures immediately to the Office Manager.

Confidentiality: Patient confidentiality and practice business matters are to remain strictly confidential at all times. If confidentiality, either patient or practice, is breached ? the result is instant dismissal.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that the duties of the post remain under constant review. Any changes will be fully discussed with the post holder prior to their implementation but in the case of any disagreement, the Doctors should have the ultimate responsibility of implementing any reasonable change.

Future Prospects

Full time position considered for the right candidate following successful completion of the apprenticeship process and based on company finances at the time.