Plate Welder Apprenticeship

With Kenny Waste Management Ltd
Competitive Salary

About the apprenticeship

Job duties will include:

  • Cutting materials into the required shapes, checking dimensions and thicknesses
  • Welding or joining metal and other materials into a wide range of structures
  • Following engineering plans, drawings and instructions
  • Operating tools and machinery and welding equipment
  • Inspecting and testing welds with precision measuring instruments
  • Dismantling metal structures, cleaning tools, maintaining equipment and tidying work area
  • Ensure you take your breaks at the appropriate time and that you are back at your workstations and ready to work at the end of your break
  • Ensure you always wear your mandatory PPE
  • Follow the Company's various Health and Safety polices and report breaches of these rules to the Site Supervisor/ H&S Manager
  • Always set a good personal example and do not participate in any dangerous activity or horseplay
  • Undertake any other task as reasonably instructed by a superior

Future Prospects

We are always looking to employ talented and hardworking students on completion of their apprenticeships. If applicable we can look into further training for even further development.