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Invest in Your People. Strengthen Your Business.

For employers in Greater Manchester, our free courses offer a strategic opportunity to upskill your staff, enhance productivity, and secure a competitive edge.

Funded training for your business 

If you're an employer in Greater Manchester, you can access funded training for your employees to help your business deliver excellent services through your people.

  • Equip your team for more senior roles 
  • Training in soft skills and technical skills 
  • Get the latest knowledge 
  • Nationally recognised qualifications 

A strategic move for your business

Our courses are designed to empower your employees with the skills that align with your company’s goals and industry demands. 

Take a look at the funded courses you can access below, subject to eligibility criteria.

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Available free courses for your employees

Upskill and transform your business through funded qualifications


Upskilling opportunities for your staff

Heavy Vehicle Maintenance






"We have an ageing demographic across the country and if we don’t invest in our workforce now, we’re going to have skills gap in the next five to 10 years, especially in engineering."

Gary Holden, Apprenticeship Manager for Sodexo Pharma

The business case for upskilling your team

Investing in your employees’ skills is investing in the future of your business. Here’s why:

Boost Productivity

Skilled employees work more efficiently and effectively.

Enhance Employee Retention

Show your team that you’re invested in their growth.

Attract Top Talent

Become an employer of choice with a reputation for staff development.

Stay Competitive

Keep pace with industry changes and innovations.

Seamless integration with your business operations

We make it easy for employers to integrate our courses into their staff development plans:


Consult with Our Experts

Discuss your business goals and staff needs with our dedicated advisors.


Customise Your Training Plan

Choose courses that align with your company’s objectives and industry.


Effortless Enrolment

We handle the details, so you can focus on your business.


Track Progress and Results

Receive regular updates on your employees’ progress and achievements.


Witness the Transformation

See the positive impact on your staff’s performance and your bottom line.

Frequently asked questions

Our courses are designed to be flexible, minimising disruption to your business operations.

These courses are fully funded, offering a cost-effective solution for staff development.

We provide progress reports and can guide you on tracking improvements in staff performance and productivity.