Full-Time Courses

Tailored to build on employment skills rather than academic skills, the courses feature workplace opportunities to enable the young person to practice their skills and gain valuable experience.

What makes us different

Because our Training Centres are smaller than colleges our service is more personal. We offer the benefits of focused and targeted support, yet our connection to the wider Total People organisation enables us unparalleled access to apprenticeship opportunities.

Our full-time courses are broken down into two key areas – Vocational Study Programmes and High Needs Support (Pre Internships/Internships).

Vocational Study Programmes

Vocational Study Programmes are aimed at young people aged 16-18 who don’t feel ready to go straight into an apprenticeship or workplace. We offer BTEC programmes that focus on nine vocational areas, preparing young people for next steps;

  • Health and Social 
  • Childcare
  • Public Services
  • Business Admin
  • Construction
  • Hair
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Art

All the programmes centre on developing the young person’s employment and social skills and include links to the key vocational areas and workplace opportunities to practice skills and gain experience.  The courses also include personal development and enrichment activities including community focussed challenges, projects and volunteering that develop skills, attitudes and confidence to support progression and preparation for adult life.

High Needs Support

Our High Needs offer is a specialist provision supporting young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Young people who undertake a high needs programme are usually referred directly from the Local Authority, because they have a recognised learning disability.

Pre-Internships are classroom based learning programmes, designed to prepare young people for the next stage of an internship. This includes getting them ready for a year on placement, focusing on skills such as punctuality, independent travel, communication and confidence (all of which will enable a placement to be secured and enjoyed).

Supported Internships aim to help young people achieve paid employment by giving them the skills and experience they need through learning in the workplace. The majority of their time on programme will be spent in a work placement. Supported Internships last for one year and include work experience placements of at least six months.

Our High Needs Offer is suitable for people aged 16 – 24 who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities, and who have an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan in place.

If you think your child fits this profile but are unsure how to get a Local Authority referral, please contact us for advice.


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