Conference proves inspirational

Linda Dean, Managing Director of Total People, was invited to attend this year’s Inspirational Women Conference

Linda Dean was invited to join the female speakers at the third annual Inspirational Women Conference.

Organised by App4England, the conference celebrates and empowers women from all backgrounds by providing a platform for them to share stories from their lives and careers, and promote continued learning among the wider apprenticeship community.

It was also a celebration of role models – female and male – and a platform for speakers and attendees to share ideas about improving the world of work for generations to come. 

Linda Dean, Managing Director of Total People, joined fellow speakers on stage and shared 3 key things that she felt had helped her.  Linda spoke about the importance of being an authentic leader, and encouraged the audience to do three things: seize opportunities, find something you are passionate about, and be yourself.  

Linda said: “It was a great honour to be asked to speak and I was very proud this week to represent us this week at the Inspirational Women in Apprenticeships Annual Conference.

It is important to represent both Total People and the LTE Group, and to support wider sector and in particular, the women who work in it.

“Everyone had an interesting story to share and it was a very energising event.” 

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