Electrical Learner Ryan Knowles

Having left school with good GCSE grades, Ryan was sure he wanted to work with electric in some capacity either in engineering, maintenance or installation.

“I’m more what you would call a kinaesthetic learner really rather than a sit down in a classroom kind of person. I also learn by listening and watching but I prefer to be more hands on and learn on the job.”

Ryan’s job is very varied, starting each day by carrying out essential safety checks on the rides with colleagues in maintenance before any visitors arrive. Ryan also carries out maintenance on the rides and checks the electrics on any new rides before they are opened to the public.

“I think the biggest difference between doing an Apprenticeship and going to college is that you’re doing it for real as an Apprentice where as there’s a lot of simulation involved when you’re doing it in college.”

In the long term, Ryan would like to go into partnership or set up as an electrician in his own right but for now, he is more than happy to be learning the electrical trade as an Apprentice with Gulliver’s World.