Graphic Design Apprenticeships – Katie’s Journey

When we ask people who have very little knowledge about Apprenticeships what they think an Apprentice actually does, we hear a lot of “it’s low level and you’ll be doing the jobs no-one wants to do”, or “They just make tea for everyone”.

Katie had these same thoughts before she started, but now has no regrets about applying – and we don’t blame her!

Since May 2015, Katie has been working as an Apprentice for de Poel within their Marketing team and is the only person responsible for creating marketing literature including sales documents, brochures, images for social media and most recently video and animation.

“I wanted to do design for a while, I originally did it as one of my A Levels but went on to study media makeup. I worked freelance for a while then realised it wasn’t for me. I was going to go back to college, but luckily found the Apprenticeship.”

Katie came across the vacancy with de Poel on Indeed when she was looking for entry level graphic design jobs. After applying through the National Apprenticeships website, a successful interview and a few tests later she found out she had been successful!

“I was surprised when I came across the vacancy, I never knew you could do an Apprenticeship in graphic design, I thought they were for more traditional routes like hairdressing and construction.”

The Apprenticeship has been a real success for Katie. She’s managed to build a solid knowledge on design, expanded her portfolio and is still learning as the company grows. An example of this being the company looking to start developing more animations, so they’re sending Katie on an Adobe After Effects course!