Great Management can make (or break) your business.

A recent report shows that poor people management is hitting the efficiency of UK businesses by an average of 8%, costing UK PLC £84bn a year*.

Great Management can make (or break) your business.

You may be one, you probably have one and you certainly know one; managers are ubiquitous in the workplace, but a recent report shows that poor people management is hitting the efficiency of UK businesses by an average of 8%, costing UK PLC £84bn a year*.

This has a huge impact, not only on the wider economy but the workplace as a whole, with colleague absence rates, progression, development, not to mention morale hugely affected by inadequate leadership and management.

So what’s the answer? How do we ensure that our leaders lead well? That our managers manage properly? Well, many managers evolve into their roles by default without the adequate training, combine this with a report from the Centre for Economics Business Research (CEBR) in 2015 stating that both businesses and consumers would prefer to do business with employers involved in apprenticeships – and that’s where Total People enters the equation.

Our management qualifications are all IML accredited and offer a whole range of levels to suit managers at any and every stage of their careers. From ILM Level 2 apprenticeship in Team Leading right up to ILM Level 7 Certificate or Diploma in Leadership and Management (and everything in between), our qualifications are designed to bring out the best in managers, their colleagues and ultimately, of course, their business as a whole. Click here for more details.

Good managers are crucial to success, and great training makes good managers. One of our recent success stories explains more:

“I have truly been inspired by my Total People Training Adviser who has been supporting me on my Advanced Apprenticeship in Management. I’ve never had a Training Adviser who has been so passionate, enthusiastic and motivating and it’s really opened my eyes.

They have taught and shown me things that I have then been able to use in my own job role with my team, which in turn is helping me to develop my skills and knowledge further.

It’s not just a qualification that I am gaining – I’m actually learning how to be a manager and it’s helping me to look at things differently, from a manager’s perspective.

Would I recommend this apprenticeship? Absolutely, YES!

Even if you have been a manager for some time, there are things within this apprenticeship that will challenge you and develop you further. And if you have progressed to manager’s position like me, it’s hugely beneficial, especially when you have a training provider like Total People, an employer and a Training Adviser who are so supportive of you.”

Apprenticeships provide a huge opportunity for businesses – together we can mould your leaders and managers into great role models to inspire, encourage and develop colleagues, building a brighter, better business which will boom.

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