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Terms and Conditions for Total People Limited, Refer a Friend

‘Referrer’ is the term used for a person who refers a friend to LTE Group t/a The Total People (‘Total People’) for a 16-19 course starting before 20th December 2023. Referrers must be a current student studying a 16-19 course for the 23/24 academic year.

2. ‘Referral’ or ‘Referee’ is the term for the person referred. Referees must not have previously enrolled to study with Total People for a 16-19 course during the 23/24 academic year.

3. Referees are required to hand their postcard to the enrolment team at the time of enrolment. All referrals submitted will be verified against the list of prospective students held by Total People and, to be eligible, the submitted referral must not already be on that list.

4. Subject to the referee being enrolled onto their 16-19 course, the referrer and referee will be rewarded a £25 Amazon voucher. Subject to the referee remaining enrolled and actively attending the course for a period of 3 months from the date of their enrolment, both the successful referrer and referee will be rewarded an additional £25 Amazon voucher.

5. Total People retains the right to substitute the voucher with another voucher of similar value in the event the original voucher offered is not available.

6. All vouchers will be emailed within seven days from the conditions in clause 5 above arising.

7. There is a limit of one referral postcard that can be submitted against the name of a referee.

8. This offer commences on the 9th October 2023 and terminates on 20th December 2023 Total People reserves the right to limit, reject, or cancel referrals made or caused to be made as a result of any referrer who disregards these terms and conditions.

9. Any participant found to be engaging in deceptive or fraudulent activities related to this referral program, including but not limited to providing false information or creating multiple accounts to exploit the program, will be immediately disqualified. Total People reserves the right to take further action against any individual or entity found to be participating in such activities.

10. While Total People strives to ensure the smooth operation of the referral program, it shall not be held liable for any disruptions, delays or failures that are beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to technical issues, postal delays, or third-party interferences.

Data Processing

By participating in the referral program, participants consent to LTE Group t/a The Total People collecting, storing, and processing their personal data. This data will be used solely for the purpose of this referral program and will be handled in accordance with applicable data protection law. The Total People will not share, distribute, or sell personal data to third parties unrelated to the referral program without explicit consent.