Cheshire Constabulary champions Total People apprenticeships

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The police force praises Total People for apprenticeships provision. 

Alongside ‘bobbies on the beat’, modern policing need professional services and support roles to ensure the smooth running of the force itself. And where better to gain the right experience than with professional services apprenticeships. 

Cheshire Constabulary currently have several Total People apprentices gaining qualifications in Level 3 and Level 5 Human Resource Management, while also working towards achieving their CIPD qualifications, and also an Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship.  

Katy McInnes, an Apprenticeship Coordinator, said: 

Apprenticeships are a great benefit to both our employees and to Cheshire Constabulary. They provide existing staff with an opportunity to develop their careers by gaining qualifications and progressing into senior roles whilst continuing to work. This return on investment enables us to develop and retain a skilled workforce that will help our organization to grow.

A key benefit of apprenticeships is that the knowledge and skills gained can be applied immediately by employees to their roles, thereby improving their performance and allowing Cheshire Constabulary to continue to provide an effective service to the public.  

Total People’s reputation as a large training provider delivering a wide range of apprenticeship schemes, as well as its expertise in establishing apprenticeships and looking after learners, was a key reason why the force signed up to work with the leading apprenticeship business.   

Katy said: “This was particularly desirable as we have a number of employees with different training requirements who are keen to gain further qualifications through apprenticeships.” 

She added: “We would absolutely recommend Total People. They are very helpful and organized in setting new apprentices upon their programs. They maintain regular contact with the apprentice’s progress and deal with any issues efficiently. We have received positive feedback from our learners too.” 

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