5 reasons every business should recruit an apprentice

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There are thousands of highly motivated people looking for an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to your organisation.

Apprenticeships are a great way to upskill your existing staff, giving them additional skills and qualifications that will ultimately contribute to the future success of your business. 

Here are five reasons why recruiting an apprentice of any age could be the best business decision you’ll make. 

Improved Productivity 

Employers with an established apprenticeship programme have seen productivity improve by a staggering 76%*. That’s the kind of benefit the enthusiasm and energy of apprentices could add to your business. Apprentices learn on the job and they’re eager to contribute from the outset. The apprenticeship routes ensure that the programme benefits the employer as well as the learner, meaning everyone has something to gain. 

Grow Your Own Talent

Apprenticeships enable employers to grow their own talent, ensuring that the business develops staff who fit with the company’s ethos, values and practices. An apprentice could be a future leader, and with apprenticeships standards teaching current industry best practice, you can be sure that skills are relevant and compliant. We can even match you up with potential employees using our apprenticeship recruitment service. 

Reputational Advantage

According to a BIS Evaluation of Apprenticeships report**, consumers favour companies that recruit apprentices – putting you at an advantage! Supporting new and existing staff through quality training programmes shows your clients that you care not only about your workforce, but ultimately about them and the service you provide. 

Competitive Advantage

The same report showed that recruiting apprentices makes employers more competitive. That’s because the qualifications are designed   with industry experts. The programmes of learning conform to the latest sector developments and are delivered by Learning Coaches who know exactly what makes an excellent apprentice – often because they’ve been one themselves. 

Funding Incentives

There’s never been a better time to recruit an apprentice thanks to the Employer Incentives. Employers who hire a new apprentice between 1 April and 30 September 2021 can apply for £3000 of funding for new employees of any age.77% of employers say apprenticeships make them more competitive** 

Find out more about recruiting an apprentice or call 03333 222 666 to speak to one of our expert team.  

*Apprenticeships Evaluation 2015 – Employers. A report by IFF Research. 

**Evaluation of apprenticeships - BIS Research 2012 

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