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Management apprenticeships could be the key to a successful business long-term.  

Managers are essential to any growing business but many don’t receive official training. Often managers are promoted or recruited based on their industry-specific skills and experience, not on their capabilities to manage employees, budgets and resources.  

This means that employees can be mismanaged or resources incorrectly used, which ultimately leads to poor performance from the business overall.  

Management apprenticeships are a way to teach new, existing and future managers the essential skills they’ll need for your company and employees.  

1. Cost-effective 

Apprenticeships are one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to obtain managers. Apprenticeship funding is available so that there is little-to-no cost for the training.  

If you use a management apprenticeship to upskill an existing member of staff you won’t have the added salary expense that you’d have if you hired a new manager. Instead, you could continue to pay the same salaries you already do while the government funds your apprenticeship training.  

2. Teach key management skills 

Managers without training often make mistakes because they haven’t been taught the specific skills needed for their role. All of our management apprenticeships cover how to: 

  • manage personal development  
  • develop working relationships with colleagues  
  • communicate information and knowledge  
  • set objectives and support for team members  
  • plan, allocate and monitor the work of a team.

3. Accelerate careers 

A management apprenticeship is a qualification that enables employees to accelerate their careers, go after promotions and advance within the business.  

After completing her management apprenticeship with Metroline, Christine said:  

I am now applying for more senior roles with my company and also looking at other roles outside of my chosen field as I feel this apprenticeship has given me even more confidence to do so. 

4. Improve productivity 

Once equipped with the proper management skills and techniques learned on the apprenticeship, your managers will be more productive themselves and drive higher productivity within the teams they manage.  

5. Drive innovation 

Management apprenticeships are a great way to upskill junior members of staff and turn them into key decision-makers who can bring new and innovative ideas to the table. Innovation can also be driven by a newly-recruited apprentice with different experiences and insights that can help to grow your business.  

No matter who you are training via an apprenticeship, our management courses cover a range of areas that develop creative problem-solving skills that can be put to use in real business scenarios in the future.  

6. Improve retention 

When evaluating employers, two key areas are critical to an employer seeming more favourable than another: 

  • Opportunities for advancement (that can lead to a higher salary) 
  • Development support. 

Providing management apprenticeships to your employees covers both of these points: it shows that you are actively developing the skills needed to advance employees to the next level and also demonstrates that you are actively supporting ongoing development.  

Demonstrating these qualities can help you to attract the best talent to your business and retain staff for longer.  

7. Business-specific training 

Arguably one of the biggest benefits is that you can have an input into what skills are learned. Since part of the apprenticeship is completed through on-site work, you can ensure that your employees learn the management skills they’ll need to handle scenarios unique to your business.  

A management apprenticeship gives you the ability to prepare the apprentice for the specific tasks they’ll undertake as a qualified manager in your business.  

Management apprenticeships can help you improve capabilities and performance within your business, all while saving on costs and building your reputation as an employer.  

Find out more about our management apprenticeships or get in touch with our team on 03333 222 666 to discuss your apprenticeship offering.  

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