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SPIE UK are helping to build sector success after gifting an amazing £100k in unused apprenticeship levy for engineering apprentices.  

The providers of technical engineering solutions have gifted their unused levy funds to help engineering apprentices in the built environment sector.

Levy gifting allows large employers to support apprenticeships in their chosen industry by enabling SME businesses to access fully funded apprenticeship training.

Trevor Nunes, SPIE UK HR Director, said: “We immediately recognised that this was a great opportunity to work with Total People by gifting £100,000 to help develop the next generation of engineers across the built environment.

These funds will support the attraction and retention of talent in a sector that continues to evolve in support of digital transformation and energy transition.

In December 2020, Total People said ‘thanks a million’ to eight employers for gifting a life-changing £1M in unspent levy funds to help smaller businesses upskill their staff.

This followed the successful £1m in 100 days campaign, which saw employers gift a total of £1m in unused apprenticeship levy for SMEs to access to boost skills among their own employees.

Beckie Holmes, Account Executive, said: “We’re thrilled that SPIE UK have generously donated such a fantastic amount of their unspent levy to help small and medium enterprises to access apprenticeship opportunities.

Gifting is quick and easy, and our gifting solution costs you absolutely nothing.

“Whether you are a large employer wanting to meet your CSR goals or a small or medium enterprise looking to upskill your workforce through apprenticeships, we’re here to help you.”

If you want to gift your unspent levy or access funds to upskill your workforce, call Beckie on 0161 674 8756 or visit our dedicated page.

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