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The benefits of gifting unspent apprenticeship levy funds

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To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we are looking at the value of levy gifting and the difference it can make to all parties involved.

Levy paying employers can ‘gift’ or transfer up to 25 per cent of their apprenticeship levy to fund new apprenticeships in other organisations.

By gifting surplus levy, large employers can sponsor an apprenticeship in a sector or industry area that aligns to their corporate social responsibility agenda, while at the same time supporting employment and skills development in SMEs who benefit from fully funded apprenticeship training. 

Lisa Murphy, Learning & Development Director at Aldi, told us how the company benefits from gifting their unspent levy funds.  

Lisa, tell us a little bit about you and your role.

I’m Lisa Murphy, Learning & Development Director at Aldi. I joined Aldi back in October 2013 as a Learning and Development Assistant and progressed to my current position. My role involves overseeing all training, development and talent management opportunities for over 45,000 Aldi colleagues.

Outside of Aldi, I am a mum to twin boys, a huge Manchester United fan and love to be outdoors!  

Can you tell us why you originally decided to gift your levy funds and what was the thought process? 

Due to the size of Team Aldi, we have significant levy funds available and want to do something positive to help people in our local communities gain access to life-changing education and skills training.  

Is it tied to any strategic goals? 

Yes, the three pillars of our apprenticeship strategy are to support local communities, promote diversity and inclusion, and increase social mobility.   

Why did you choose to gift funds to general sectors? 

We want to have a wide reach and impact, supporting people from all backgrounds across multiple sectors and to maximise the opportunities available for apprentices.   

Why have you decided to work with Total People?

Total People’s levy gifting service was compatible with our strategic vision, so it made sense to partner with them.  

Is it an easy process to transfer levy funds? 

The process is well organised and requires minimal input from Aldi in terms of sourcing suitable SME donation partners. Total People are always on hand to help with any questions and are very supportive.  

Do you have any advice for other organisations looking to transfer their unspent levy funds? 

Donating your unused funds is a great way to grow external talent and support other businesses. You can decide which sectors, skills or local areas you’d like to fund so transfers can be tailored to business needs and preferences.

Find out more about how to gift your apprenticeship levy and make a difference in your sector.

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