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Apprenticeships were once linked to trade occupations but that’s long since changed.

Industry standard apprenticeship programmes offering the latest up-to-date skills and training are available in a wide range of professional services.  

HR apprenticeships allow established departments to train and develop colleagues to meet the specific services their business needs.  

Here are three more reasons why an apprentice could be an invaluable asset to your HR team.  

1. Apprenticeships meet industry best practice 

Apprenticeship standards are constantly being evaluated and developed to ensure that they comply with the latest industry best practice. That means that not only will your apprentice be trained to the latest regulations and guidelines, but you’ll also benefit from valuable insight into industry excellence. 

2. Apprenticeship standards meet employer needs 

Employing an apprentice through an established training provider like ourselves  ensures that you’re working with experts  who know the industry. Learning Coaches know what’s required to meet the apprenticeship standards, but they also know the people skills that make HR professionals unique.  

Apprentices learn via a combination of on and off-the-job training, so being around people who really know what it takes to be a good HR professional ensures that they absorb the right skills from day one.  

3. Funded training 

Depending on the size of your company, funding could be available to cover most, if not all, of the cost of training. In businesses with fewer than 50 employees, apprentices aged 16-18 are eligible for 100% funding – so you won’t pay a penny! Apprentices aged 19+, or 16+ in a company with more than 50 employees, are eligible for 95% funding.   

Find out more about apprenticeship funding. 

Whether you’re looking to upskill existing colleagues or recruit new team members, HR apprenticeships ensure that your business remains current, strategic and successful. 

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