Apprentice electrician practices wiring.

Skilled labourers are in high demand and none more so than electricians.

From installing power and lighting systems to maintenance, every industry needs competent and fully qualified electricians to fit and fix their power supply. 

Why should electricians use apprenticeships? Whether you’re looking to start your qualification or take on an apprentice, we explain how apprenticeships could be just perfect for you or your business.  

Starting an apprenticeship 

Earn while you learn 

Working as electrician is varied, interesting and demanding and will give you a challenging yet rewarding career. You’ll need to be good at solving problems, structuring your workload and working as part of a team. In such a hands-on industry, nothing beats the practical experience you’ll gain on an apprenticeship, all while earning a wage and gaining a nationally recognised qualification to boot. Find out more about our apprenticeship standards. 

High quality training  

Apprentice electricians spend most of their time at work but as with any apprenticeship, 20% of the learning must be off-the-job. This is when you’ll learn the theory behind your practical skills.   

Most of our industry trained Learning Coaches have been apprentices themselves so they’ll know exactly what’s involved. And as we’re Ofsted rated ‘Good’, you can rest assured that the training is high quality and up to date.  

Increased job security 

If you’re already working, apprenticeships give employees the opportunity to expand their existing skills and develop new ones. Showing that you are committed to your business is always a big plus for managers. Any new skills that can make you more productive at work and also increase your performance will ultimately help your career.  

Benefits to businesses 

If you’re an electrician thinking about taking on an apprenticeship, there are so many benefits for you and your business.  

Grow your own talent 

Apprenticeships enable employers to grow their own talent, ensuring that the business develops staff who fit with the company’s ethos, values and practices. An apprentice could be a future leader, and with apprenticeships standards teaching current industry best practice, you can be sure that skills are relevant and compliant. We can even match you up with potential employees using our apprenticeship recruitment service. 

Access to funding 

From sole traders and SMEs to larger employers, any type of business in the UK can use apprenticeship schemes to recruit a new member of staff or upskill an existing employee, however, the processes and available funding varies slightly.  Read our guide for more helpful advice – Can your business use apprenticeship schemes? 

Bridge the skills gap 

Apprenticeships are a brilliant way to fill skills gaps among your existing team. While apprentices are trained across all areas, as an employer you can focus your apprentice’s practical experience to where your business needs it the most. This will ensure that you can deliver a full range of services to meet any client requests.  

If you’re looking to find out more, speak to our friendly advisers on 03333 222 666.

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