Five easy ways to successful upskilling

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Businesses who support staff development are much more likely to have loyal employees.

With rising recruitment costs and increased instability, there’s never been a better time to invest in your workforce via upskilling.  

Upskilling means training existing employees. It enables staff to improve their skills and confidence and allows employers to mould colleagues into key players within the business who help to boost business performance.  

Not only that but businesses who are known to invest in their staff are much more appealing to investors and stakeholders.  Chariot office suppliers explain more about upskilling with Total People. 

Here are five tips to help your employees upskill: 


Apprenticeships mix professional training with on-the-job learning and are available in a huge variety of roles within occupational sectors. Apprenticeships are for employees of any age and range from Level 2 programmes to Higher Apprenticeships at Level 5 and beyond. They’re a cost-effective way to upskill your staff and you can be sure that your employees are learning the latest skills that add value to your business. 

Short Courses 

Short Courses are fully or partially funded and offer certified Continued Professional Development in several vocational areas such as management, Functional Skills and First Aid.  Short courses are perfect for upskilling in small to medium sized organisations as they give employees relevant skills within a short timeframe that can be put to immediate use. 

Make Protected Time 

For any form of training, it’s crucial you allow your employees time to complete their studies. Apprenticeships require a minimum of 20% off-the-job training, the equivalent to one day a week for a full-time staff. 

The off-the-job element can be spread across the week and should be protected to ensure learners get the most from the experience and gain the confidence and skills to make your businesses even more successful.  

Access Support 

We’ve been in the skills, training and apprenticeship business for over twenty years, and our Learning Coaches are all industry trained. Learning Coaches are dedicated to helping both you and your employee every step of the way. They’ll hold regular Progress Reviews to check that the learning is on track, and make sure that everyone is getting as much out of the training as possible. 

Celebrate (and evaluate) 

Celebrate your learner’s achievements – not just to recognise their personal and professional growth, but to evaluate the benefits to your business. Learning should be lifelong – we know that a growth mindset encourages resilience and positivity in business and in life. So celebrate achievements, evaluate the gains, and reflect on who your next ‘upskiller’ could be…it might even be you! 

Find out more about upskilling your staff or contact one of our advisors on 03333 222 666 for immediate support.  

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