International Women's Day

Today (Friday 8th March) is not only the last day of National Apprenticeship Week, but it’s also International Women’s Day (IWD), and an opportunity to celebrate the work and contributions of our fantastic female apprentices.

Every learner matters at Total People, but IWD provides us with a great opportunity to #balancefor better, and help build a more gender-equal world by celebrating women’s achievements.

Total People female apprentices span the entire breadth of the provision, from Management, Digital, Hospitality, and Childcare, right through to sectors perceived as not traditionally female orientated, such as Engineering, Electrical, and Construction. And each one of these women is playing a vital part not only in improving their own lives but in making the businesses they work in thrive.

Another inspirational young female engineer is Erin Hinds, an apprentice who works with one of our most valued employer partners, First Bus. Erin is another perfect example of a woman who is not just surviving, but positively thriving in a traditionally male-dominated environment. Erin recently won the overall First Bus Apprentice of the Year for the UK and Scotland, and documents this, along with a ‘day in her life’ here

Past and present Total People learners Molly Sehne  Charlotte Atkins, Katie Roberts, Anna Jones are all inspirational women who have experienced how the benefits of an apprenticeship have created tremendous opportunities and allowed them to flourish in their careers.

We believe it is essential that every person, regardless of gender, race, religion or belief, should have access to high-quality training, in any industry they choose.  As former Total People engineering apprentice, Charlotte Atkins says; “I’m the only female engineer in a department of around 30 men but I never feel different. If anything I get more respect. I’d recommend the apprenticeship route to anyone. My confidence has grown so much over the past four years, and the combination of learning, earning and working is absolutely perfect.”

So on IWD, and every day, a huge thank you and congratulations to all exceptional female learners, wherever you are, and whatever you do, you are doing us proud and truly making a difference.