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Apprentice:   Erin Hind

Location: Blantyre             

Apprenticeship: Mechanical Engineer

  • Tell us about your typical day at work Erin?

A typical day starts with a meeting with my supervisor who will assign my tasks for the day and I then get to. I will assist colleagues with tasks, including inspections, MOTs or defects.  I really enjoy working on my own, but I know that my team are approachable and will support me if I need help.

  • What was your job before joining First Bus?

Well I started at the age of 16, so I was in school before joining.  However, I had a Saturday job in a car garage doing basic servicing and learning about all the tools.  I also had the opportunity with Scania on a work experience programme, where I got to learn the more technical aspects of mechanics. During the summer holiday I was working with an HGV recovery company doing fleet maintenance and roadside repairs.

  • What prompted you to become an apprentice?

I chose to start my career as an apprentice as I prefer the more ‘hands-on method’ of learning compared to the theory. Being an apprentice means I am in the garage working on buses every day and only go to college for one week out of the eight to learn theory.

  • What was your experience of the training you received?

I really enjoy the training. The team in my garage are fantastic engineers and are all happy to show me the trade. As an apprentice mechanic my job is very rewarding as I get to see a job through from start to finish.

Which bit of the training do you enjoy most?

I enjoy the practical training in my job the most (and I don’t mind getting dirty)!

  • What do you enjoy about your job?

I have always been fascinated by engineers and anything else mechanical, so this job suits me well. Getting dirty does not bother me and getting stuck into the heavier jobs doesn’t bother me at all. The team I work with also make my job so much better as they are all happy to teach and support me.

  • Have you had any days that have particularly stood out to you as being enjoyable? If so, we would like to hear about them.

As a young female I do find my job challenging, but I’m proud of what I’ve already achieved. I was so pleased the first time I removed a stub pin on my own, as it’s a task that all mechanics, regardless of size and build, find difficult.

Another memorable day was when I was nominated and later awarded as Apprentice of the Year for UK and Scotland.  I was thrilled as it proved all my hard work to be the best mechanic I can be, had paid off.

  • What difference does your job make to the lives of others?

My job has a massive impact on the lives of others. I must ensure my repairs and checks are done to the highest standard as this can affect customer safety and our drivers’ comfort when driving the bus. We must also make sure repairs are done quickly so we can get as many buses back out on the road.

  • Do you have a special mentor who you admire? If so, tell us about them.

There is one mechanic that I particularly enjoy working with. He is knowledgeable and I feel comfortable asking for help and advice. He is very skilled at his trade, so I am happy to learn from him.

  • How do you relax away from the depot? Tell us about your hobbies, sports, family, children and pets

I go to my caravan in Tyndrum at the weekends to spend time with my family.  I also regularly attend rugby matches at Murrayfield Stadium and enjoy shopping with my friends and my Mum.


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