Skills for work and life

Tailored to build on employment skills rather than academic skills, the courses feature workplace opportunities to enable the young person to practice their skills and gain valuable experience.

Getting young people ready for the workplace

Building on vocational skills rather than just academic skills is the key to workplace opportunities. All our Skills for Work and Life courses focus on getting young people ready for the workplace.

These courses help to build the skills employers are looking for and improve maths and English, alongside personal development, all of which enable young people to move onto further training, an apprenticeship or employment.

Our courses also incorporate Youth Social Action which involves young people taking practical action in the service of others to create positive change.

We offer a more personal service at Total People because our Training Centres are smaller than colleges. We are focused on delivering targeted support, plus our connection to the LTE Group gives us unparalleled access to apprenticeship opportunities.

Full-Time Courses

Level 1 Introduction to Vocational Studies

Vocational courses are aimed at young people aged 16-18 who don’t feel ready to go straight into an apprenticeship or workplace. At Level 1, we offer a BTEC programme that focuses on five vocational areas, preparing young people for their next steps towards their chosen career. Our vocational areas include:

  • Health and Social 
  • Childcare
  • Public Services
  • Business
  • Travel and Tourism.

All our programmes aim to develop a young person’s employment and social skills. Our programmes are linked to key vocational areas and provide workplace opportunities to practice skills and gain experience.  In addition, our courses also include a Discovery Challenge which encourages young people to become community focused, culturally aware and environmentally sensitive team workers.


Level 2 Employability Course

Our Level 2 Employability Course is aimed at learners who have completed Level 1 or school leavers with three or four GCSEs at Grade 2/3. This programme prepares learners for their next steps and gives them an opportunity to undertake further work experience.

Learners on this course will look at units relating to the work environment, helping them to understand their rights and responsibilities as active citizens in society. They will also take part in an advanced Discovery Challenge.


Level 2 Introduction to working as a Chef

This course is aimed at young people who want a future career as a chef or commis chef. Learners will develop the foundation skills needed in a professional kitchen, including food preparation, knife techniques and teamwork, and will gain understanding of the fast-paced hospitality and catering industry.

Not only will they achieve nationally recognised qualifications, they will also undertake a work placement in a professional kitchen to gain valuable real work experience.



Traineeships focus on giving young people the skills needed to succeed in their chosen sector and laying a strong foundation for future employment success.

Trainees will spend most of their time with an employer on work placement but will also be supported to improve key employability skills, such as CV writing, filling out application forms and preparing for interviews, and also maths and English.

We offer Traineeships in a wide variety of sectors.


High Needs Support

Our High Needs Offer is suitable for people aged 16 – 24 who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities with an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan in place.

Young people who undertake a high needs programme are usually referred directly from the Local Authority. If you would like advice on how to get a Local Authority referral for a young person who fits this profile, please contact us on 03333 222 666.

Our High Needs offer includes:


These are classroom-based learning programmes designed to prepare young people for a work environment. They include a short BTEC, Functional Skills and the Discovery Challenge. Their Personal Development and Youth Social Action will be more employment focused with the intention of getting them ready for a Supported Internship.  Our Level 1 and Level 2 programmes focus on skills such as punctuality, independent travel, communication and confidence, and also include a short work placement.

Supported Internships 

Supported Internships aim to help young people achieve paid employment by giving them the skills and experience they need through workplace learning. Most of their time will be spent in a work placement of at least six months. Learners will also have the chance to complete Functional Skills Maths and English exams if needed.

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