Can you do an apprenticeship if you have a degree?

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Apprenticeships are a great way to learn skills while working and earning a wage.

Available to anyone over 16, gone are the days when only school leavers looking for technical trade applied.  

Apprenticeships can be found across many different sectors, from digital marketing to HR, and are available whether you’re looking to upskill in your current role or learn new skills to change careers.  

If you didn’t know that graduates could apply for an apprenticeship, then read on. 

Apprenticeships for all 

Many people who have completed higher education learning go on to take an apprenticeship. 

In May 2017, the Government brought in the apprenticeship levy and relaxed the rules on learning. These changes meant that graduates could now apply for apprenticeships regardless of their previous qualification. 

In addition, the Government increased its focus on establishing higher level apprenticeships at Level 6 and 7, equivalent to Degree and Masters levels, creating a broader choice of programmes to encourage learning at all levels. 

Eligibility and funding 

In terms of eligibility, the main stipulation for graduates is that they cannot already have a degree in a similar qualification to their chosen apprenticeship.  

There has to be ‘significant new learning in the apprenticeship qualification’, which means that learners should gain substantial new skills and it should be different from any previous training. 

Graduates are also eligible for funding, which means that many employers with training budgets boosted by the levy are looking to attract new learners via apprenticeships.  

Levels of learning 

Learners can start an apprenticeship whether they are starting their career, are wanting a career change or are looking to upskill in their current job. 

Each apprenticeship has a level and educational equivalent. Level 2 is GCSE, Levels 6 and 7 are degree level and there are even Level 8 doctorate apprenticeships available.  

The great thing about apprenticeships is that apprentices earn while they learn. No matter which learning level is chosen or the reasons for starting one, apprentices will gain a recognised qualification and the latest industry training and skills, all without needing to pay tuition fees or take out student loans. 

Training providers 

Many larger businesses offer in-house training provision for apprenticeships but there are also a wide range of training providers ready to help along the way. 

At Total People, we take the time to understand your business and design the right training plans based on what your organisation needs.  

Our dedicated Recruitment and Engagement team are available to help you every step of the way. We provide apprenticeship training in over 30 sectors and with years of apprenticeship experience, we can help you find your ideal apprenticeship. 

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