Myles Carr, owner of the Little Tap Restaurant and Bar.

The Little Tap Restaurant and Bar is one of the first small businesses to benefit from Elior's £100k gift of unused levy funds, part of our £500k in 100 days campaign.

Business owner Myles Carr explains all about the benefits of apprenticeships, both as a former apprentice and now as a small business owner.

Hi Myles, can you tell us when you first worked with Total People?

"Nine years ago I completed Level 3 Management and Leadership apprenticeship with Total People. In doing this I built up a strong knowledge of how to manage a business and specifically in the hospitality industry."

What made you want to start an apprenticeship?

"I was keen to learn the ins and outs of management in a small business situation. In particular I really wanted to focus on employment management and development."

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship, both as a former apprentice and now as a business owner?

"I really developed my people management skills and used the time wisely to absorb as much information as possible. In doing so, I have utilised the skills I learned for growing my business over the past six years."

What are the benefits of upskilling existing employees through apprenticeships?

"I have worked with my apprentice Ollie for the last eight months and really seen a passion and determination to succeed in the industry. He fits my business perfectly for the role of assistant manager and I know that this course will help him to make an impact on the way I run my business.

"Ollie was already employed with us when he started his apprenticeship, but Ian at Total People was a great point of contact who helped Ollie and I through the process to ensure us we were making the right decision to develop Ollie’s skills."

Why did you choose to work with Total People as an apprenticeship provider?

"I have had previous experience working with Total People and also completed my own course with them. I would 100% recommend them. They make the process so easy and in particular have a brilliant way of getting the best out of the learners. Working with the key skills to really push their skills."

Our £500k in 100 days campaign is encouraging large employers who have unused apprenticeship levy funds to gift those fnds to help smaller businesses access apprenticeship training. 

We’re also encouraging SMEs across the region to access these funds to help create 100 opportunities for new apprenticeships, training which can help local businesses to bridge skills gaps and increase their productivity.

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