A team of apprentices sat around an office desk.

Behind every successful business is a successful team and a strong workforce with shared goals, commitment and drive is what most businesses strive for.

Hiring and developing talented employees is crucial for creating your own dream team, and a key way of doing this is through upskilling.  

We’ve previously explored why it is so important for your workforce to have the latest skills. Now we’re looking even further into the wider benefits for employers and asking the question - why upskill in business?  

Financial impact  

Replacing employees is expensive and time consuming. Taking into account recruitment fees, lost productivity and retraining costs, it can cost thousands of pounds to replace each team member that leaves.  

Upskilling is a smaller investment than hiring and training a new worker. It also allows you to create a more well-rounded, fully trained workforce which caters to your customers needs and increases your team’s effectiveness. 

Talent attraction and retention 

When upskilling becomes part of a company’s culture, it will naturally attract job seekers who value learning opportunities. One of the main reasons people move on is a lack of personal development and career growth. Focusing on attracting and retaining employees through upskilling shows you care about their careers and their futures within your business. 

Brand reputation 

No one wants to work at a company that doesn’t invest in employee career development. Upskilling improves the overall employee experience as well as your company’s reputation by showing that staff can build their skills for the future. Remember, happy employees are more likely to be brand ambassadors and tell their networks about positive experiences with you. 

Upskill with us 

Upskilling can fit around the size of your organisation, your business needs and the qualification you are looking for. From apprenticeships to short courses, we’ve got all the training you need to boost your business. 

If you’re looking to take on your ideal apprentice, we make it easy for you by designing bespoke recruitment plans and shortlisting support to suit your specific needs.

Find out more about our apprenticeship recruitment service or call our team on 03333 222 666.  

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